• June 21, 2024

Liquid Glucose

Generally known as corn syrup manufactured by subjecting starch to high temperature in presents of acids. Normally glucose syrup is a mixture of Dextrose, Tetra, and Penta in higher saccharides.


Glucose syrup is regular conversion, ion-exchanged syrup, produced under very stringent manufacturing specification. It is a purified, aqueous solution of nutritive saccharides obtained from starch.


Confectionary & Ice-Cream Industry The purpose of using glucose in making Jams and Jellies is to prevent their cane sugar ingredient from crystallizing. In addition to this, glucose syrup prevents spoilage of the product without unduly increasing its sweetness. In confectionery, hard candies are made entirely out of Glucose syrup, without additing cane sugar. In Ice Cream, Glucose syrup not only prevents sucrose crystallization but also imparts a smoother texture.

Bakery Industry
Commercial Bakeries do use liquid glucose for pies, cream fillings, eclairs & candies.

Tobacco Industry
Glucose syrup is used in the preparation of Chewing Tobacco to impart flavour and to promote desirable texture and keeping qualities. It is also used for flavouring and dressing tobacco for Cigarettes.

Pharmaceutical Industry
In the Pharmaceutical industry, it is used as a base for various liquid formulations, such as tonics, elixirs, cough syrups, etc. It has a moderate sweetness, which is preferable to the excessive sweetness of sugar. Also, it has the advantage of not crystallizing when stored.

Tanning Industry
The action of glucose in Tanning gives pliability and weight to the leather. In the chrome process glucose syrup is used because of its reducing action. This causes the chrome to be precipitated into the body of the leather Approx. 5% of the weight of the finished leather is introduced in the form of sugar.


Specification : Liquid Glucose ( Technical )

1Total Dry Solids %81 to 85 %
2ASH %0.3 to 0.4 %
3Dextrose Equivalent %40 to 44 %
4Sulpher Dioxide - ppm300 to 400 ppm
5PH of 50 % Solution4.5 - 5.5

Specification : Liquid Glucose ( Food Grade )

1Total Dry Solids %83 % (Min)
2ASH %0.30%
3Dextrose Equivalent %40 to 45 %
4Sulpher Dioxide - ppm50 ppm (Max)
5PH of 50 % Solution4.5 - 5.5

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