• June 21, 2024

Absolute Alcohol 99.9%

Absolute or anhydrous alcohol refers to ethanol with a low water content. There are various grades with maximum water contents ranging from 1% to a few parts per million (ppm) levels. Absolute alcohol is not intended for human consumption. If azeotropic distillation is used to remove water, it will contain trace amounts of the material separation agent (e.g. benzene).


Absolute ethanol is used as a solvent for laboratory and industrial applications, where water will react with other chemicals, and as fuel alcohol

Also used As a fuel, Alcoholic beverages, Feedstock, & Antiseptic.



Sr. NoDeterminationSpecification
1Total acidity (As HNO3)% by mass68 % min
2AppearanceClear Colorless Liquid
3Nitrogen oxides(as HNO2) % by mass0.006 Max
4Chlorides(as Cl )%by mass max0.002 Max
5Sulphate (as H2SO4) % by mass0.005 Max
6Residue Ignition0.05 Max

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