• May 19, 2024

Aluminium Sulphate (alum)

Introduction: Discover the power of Aluminium Sulphate, commonly known as Alum—a versatile chemical solution with a range of applications. Non Ferric Alum, distinguishable by its easy solubility in water, sweet taste, non-combustible nature, and non-toxic properties, emerges as a key player in diverse industries. Available in lumps, kibbles, and powder forms, this chemical marvel, with a molecular weight of 594 and a pH level of min. 2.8, promises efficiency and reliability. It is recommended to store Non Ferric Alum in a dry place, steering clear of skin and eye contact for optimal safety.


  1. Cultural Paper Manufacturing: Alum plays a pivotal role in the paper industry, contributing to cultural paper manufacturing. Its unique properties enhance paper quality, making it an essential component in the production process.

  2. Water Treatment: Harness the purifying prowess of Alum in water treatment. With its ability to coagulate impurities and suspended particles, Alum facilitates the filtration process, ensuring access to clean and safe water.

  3. Thermal Power Plant Treating: In thermal power plants, Non Ferric Alum proves its mettle by aiding in the treatment of water. Its coagulation properties assist in removing unwanted elements, promoting the efficiency and longevity of power plant systems.

  4. Boiler Feed Water: Alum takes center stage in the treatment of boiler feed water. By promoting coagulation, it helps maintain the quality of water used in boilers, preventing scale formation and ensuring optimal boiler performance.

  5. De-Mineralizing Water: Embrace the role of Alum in the de-mineralization of water. Its effective coagulation capabilities contribute to the removal of minerals, ensuring the production of high-quality, mineral-free water.

  6. Treating Portable Water: Ensure the purity of portable water with Alum. As a trusted water treatment agent, it aids in the removal of impurities, providing safe and potable water for various applications.


1Physical Appearance LumpsVariable Lumps form below 2”
2Physical Appearance PowderVariable Powder form around 60 Mesh
3Insoluble matters percent by weight maximum0.30%
4Iron (As Fe) percent by weight maximum100PPM
5PH (of 5% solution) not less than minimumx2.8
6Aluminium (As AL2O3%) percent by weight minimum17.00%

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