• June 21, 2024

Extra Neutral Alcohol 96.4%

We offer extra neutral alcohol spirit that has alcohol content % v/v minimum of 96%. Further, the offered Extra Neutral alcohol or ENA is a highly distilled alcohol and is free from impurities.



1Relative Density at 15.6ºC max0.8
2Ethanol content % by volume at 15.6ºC / 15.6ºC min96.4
3Miscibility with waterMiscible
5Acidity ( as CH3COAH) mg/100 ml0.002
6Residue on Evaporation percent by mass , max0.005
7Aldehyde content ( as CH3CHO) mg/1, max0.002
8Copper , mg/kg max0.1
9PP Time in minute40 min

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